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All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Asian : Chinese : Glass : Pre AD 1000 item #1325797 (stock #3158)
Abhaya Asian Antiques
Ensemble of very old beads, I found these in a small shop in Phrae, Northeast Thailand a few years ago. The green mottled beads are late Qing Dynasty Peking glass, the brown glass tapered tube bead emulating agate was probably made for the Funan or Chenla Kingdoms as I have agate beads from the same period which are pretty much identical, the white bead with orange splash is at least early Qing. The jewel in the crown, so to speak, is the roughly faceted blue glass Chinese eye bead w...
All Items : Vintage Arts : Regional Art : African : Artifacts : Pre 1940 item #1319421 (stock #3095)
Abhaya Asian Antiques
Fine strand of prewar WWII, glass Venetian trade beads from Africa, L: 58cm/23in. These are strung on a contemporary cotton green string with copper wire fastener. Include on this strand is large “faux” amber old Bakelite center bead attached on a secondary strand of African sand cast beads. The Venetians have shell (ostrich?) spacer disc beads.
All Items : Vintage Arts : Regional Art : Asian : Indian Subcontinent : Pre 1950 item #1155335 (stock #2421)
Abhaya Asian Antiques
Rare strand of “drum” shaped white glass beads from the Naga ethnic group Assam, India, strung on hand made hemp cord. These are old beads and will date them conservatively pre 1950, please note the two round shaped beads are Chinese “Peking” glass beads 19th century. A few have chips but 90% are in excellent condition. Total length 68cm/27in, please note these are all the same size (scale in enlargements is metric).
All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Ancient World : Roman : Glass : Pre AD 1000 item #1150051 (stock #2397)
Abhaya Asian Antiques
60 glass shards excavated in Afghanistan that have been knapped and drilled into pendants/beads. Many have an intense opalescent (dichroic?) patina. They are quite thin and date to around the 500 CE, possibly late Roman. There are 60 pieces in total and may be used in contemporary jewelry settings. Scale in enlargement is metric.
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Abhaya Asian Antiques
Three strands of 19th century colonial trade beads from Venice, combination of red and yellow “white hearts” (all three for $100.USD). These are strung on hemp or some kind of jungle fiber and came out of West Papua New Guinea (Irian Jaya). Note scale in enlargements is metric. Total lengths each~ 66cm/26in.