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Good small copper alloy Buddha from Japan, circa post WW II, 1950s. This probably was meant to be in a small portable shrine. The body was cast separate from the nimbus- there is a slight crimp on one side which may be noted as an irregular edge in enlargements. This was made in the typical Chinese Tang style, a good example of how Japan assimilated and refined foreign cultural influences. H: 9cm/3.5in.
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Rare “Phra Ha Roi” (literally 500 Buddhas but in practice means a lot of tiny images) late Haripunchai, terra cotta votive fragment. This piece dates to the late period circa 12th-13th CE from the last remaining Mon city state in what is now Thailand that was eventually conquered and assimilated into the Northern Thai Lanna Kingdom. Worn surface- as to be expected from an excavated pottery object and comes with a museum quality Perspex stand. H: 10cm/4in x W: 10cm/4in.
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Fine old Cambodian lacquered woven bamboo betel box. No damage or restoration other than natural wear, as to be expected. Any lacquer coming from Southeast Asia with no signs of use is a strong indicator that its new. Circa 60 to 90 years old. D: 21.5cm/8.5in and H: 9cm/3.5in
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Unique clear glass Sino Tibetan image of a Dakini, most likely cast from a mold. Basically even with the usual clay images it is problematic dating them as the molds may be old but the item recently made, this piece has traces of compacted soil, surface pitting and wear, as well as small Ming Dynasty Buddhist and Taoist clear glass charms having been documented, I feel a circa 100 year plus is a conservative dating. Having circumambulated the Jokhang on many occasions mainly to check out the B...
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Luscious all hand spun and woven with gold threads, panel from a vintage Varanasi, Indian wedding sari, circa 60 to 70 years old. I would describe the colors as pigeon blood ruby red with subtle gentian floral scrolls intermingled with the gold thread medallions, which I might add is made of genuine low karat gold metal. This is double backed on cotton and silk with a “raw” silk border and polyester end trims. There are a few threadbare areas but with the silk backing they are...
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Bronze Khmer, Baphuon period style image of Ganseh,- contemporary. There has been some repair to the base. Authentic Khmer bronzes usually have ceramic cores with traces of stucco and earth inside the base. Having said this it is a credible reproduction with an "of the period" style and patina. H: 6.5cm/2.6in.
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"Stairway to Heaven #2" by Lau Yan Tsun. Mixed media; acrylic paint, Chinese paper mounted on canvas. 1.1 meter x 1.1 meter. Artist's Brief: Lau Yan Tsun is a self-taught painter. His interest in fine arts emerged while studing visual Arts in Toronto, Canada during 1970's. Returning to Hong Kong in 1983, he worked in various types of visual media. He took up calligraphy in 1989 and this led him more exclusively into painting. Lau has tra...
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Beautiful hand-woven hem from a woman’s skirt from the Tai Moei ethnic group of Sam Neua Province, Laos. This piece is only about 30 years old but the colors in the silk threaded center field are absolutely gorgeous. This piece is still sewn together and in excellent condition. H: and W: 59cm/23in (x2).
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Fine and rare two paneled silk embroidered “wedding blanket” from the small Maonan minority people of northern Guangxi Zhuang Province. This piece is 60 to 90 years old with a hand spun cotton foundation and hand spun silk. The frontal surface of the blanket is decorated with embroidered floral and phoenix symbols and key fret pattern highlighted by “floating weft” threads. The Maonan number just a little over 100,000 souls and are closely related to the Zhuang who are probab...
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Old Chin skirt, circa 1950, from the Khumi subgroup in Burma. The design is called “amtosa” although deceptively simple is really extremely complex; please note in enlargements that the reverse side of this textile does not show any of the pattern on the front. This is made on a backstrap loom of very fine homespun cotton with a beaded open work border along the selvedge. Three small repaired holes. L: 1.8m/6ft and W: 40.5cm/16in.
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Pair of rare all rattan hand woven Rawang baskets from the Putao area of Northern Burma near the Tibetan border. Oldish, circa 50 years old in good condition (the small one has a missing loop), still pliable and not brittle. The Rawang are a subgroup of the Kachin people and live in some of the last great wilderness forests left in Burma. Also it is interesting to note that the men do the weaving and with advent of plastic bags this pretty much a extinct craft. The sizes as follows; the ...
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Ten old color full-page magazine pictures from Le Petit Journal enclosed in clear plastic envelopes plus an additional fourteen pages of misc. (not pictured) adverts and other bits. They date between 1896 and 1898. In good condition suitable for framing. 45cm/17.8 and 31cm/12in actual page size.