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Extremely rare grinding stone from the late Neolithic, Tham Hua Phu Culture (100 BCE-100 CE) located along Mekong River near Luang Prabang, Laos. I have been collecting ancient stone tools for many years and this is the only mortar I have ever seen. This is a firm attribution as I personally purchased these direct from local villagers near the site. Perfect original condition. A very Zen little piece which could still be used for any budding alchemists out there...
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Pair of “opium scales” from Laos, these came from Luang Prabang but were used through much of Southeast Asia. Most likely these were used in everyday trading whether it was pork meat to big chunks of opium and are quite simple with lead applied to one end as a counterweight and the scale being measured in hash marks along the sides. The opposite ends have been inlaid with small rectangular pieces of a darker wood (possibly buffalo horn?), a subtle but attractive decoration...