Southeast Asian and early Chinese ceramics by Abhaya Asian Art Abhaya Asian Antiques
Qing Dynasty Silver Buddhas
Ming Dynasty Bed
Mongolian Baotou Saddle Rug
Ming Black and Russet Glazed Storage Jar
Jin Dynasty Tiger
Cizhou White Glazed Jar
Hutian Qingbai Bowl
Islamic Glass Charm
Chinese Door God Mask
Pair of Miniature Beijing Glass Vases
Liao Jar
Tang Buddha ๅ”ๆœ
Northern Song Qingbai Bowl ้’็™ฝ ๅฎ‹ๆœ
Yao Shamanโ€™s Seal
Ming Green Sancai Saucer ๅคงๆ˜Ž ไธ‰ๅฝฉ
Baotou Rug
Baotou Rug
Ming Glass Beads ๅคงๆ˜Ž