Southeast Asian and early Chinese ceramics by Abhaya Asian Art Abhaya Asian Antiques
Ming Green Sancai Saucer 大明 三彩
Chinese Seal Paste Box
Two Sino Tibetan Wood Bowls
Mulao Wedding Blanket
Islamic Glass Charm
Carved Carnelian: Chinese "Monkey on a Leaf"
Bamboo Brush Pot with Three Friends of Winter Motif 岁寒三友
Yue Ware Jar
Ming Dynasty Jade
Shekwan Iron Rust Glazed Incense Burner
Wholesale lot of 700 pieces of Jadeite
Song Dynasty Cizhou Meiping 磁州窯 宋朝 梅瓶
Qingbai Bowl
Northern Song White Wares
Tang Jar
Pair of Antique Vietnamese Ceramics
Collection of Longquan Bowls
Collection of Early Zhejiang Stonewares